We provide applied R&D services to major industry and government sponsors in need of cutting-edge digital audio solutions. On a selective basis, we are also available to venture-funded enterprises seeking to introduce disruptive technologies in the digital audio space. Our mission is to bring high-impact solutions that can be deployed in the market or in the field within a short to medium timeframe. Given the advanced nature of our technological capabilities, we lean toward sponsors and projects of national and international prominence: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Qualcomm Inc., Skywalker Sound (of Lucasfilm Ltd.), NASA, and Disney. Our culture is a very important part of our success. We prefer to work with sponsors who share our passion for and strategic commitment to R&D, and who delight in the vicarious experience of our Sonic Arts team pushing the envelope. We are business-friendly, responsive and highly collaborative. We work in inter-disciplinary teams, custom assembled to solve hard problems. Our collaborators include leading experts from academic research centers and from the private sector. We enjoy bringing world- class, cutting edge research talent and creativity, and applying it to focused, practical needs. If you have a project or strategic initiative which could benefit from our applied R&D, we invite you to contact us to discuss your needs.